San Diego's Best Real Estate Management Company!
San Diego's Best Real Estate Management Company!

We are a full-service real estate investment company for commercial and residential properties, and Homeowner's Associations.

Property Management

Arrow Real Estate provides full-service property management for commercial and residential properties. We work with you in a consultative manner in order to serve your needs. On a broad level, we do this through utilizing “Our Process,” which includes identifying your goals, creating a customized plan, implementing the plan, and then evaluating how the plan is meeting your goals. As part of the process, we take care of all management—leasing, maintenance, accounting, and more.

Arrow Real Estate makes your life easier by dealing with tenants and vendors on your behalf. We are proud of our ability to get properties leased with zero days of vacancy. Using proprietary technology, we are able to list your property faster and in more places than other companies. We have a simple pricing structure with no hidden fees. Additionally, through the owner portal in our online management system, records of payments, property accounting, maintenance tasks, and all the work we do for you are easily accessible.

We manage a portfolio of over $400 million in assets.

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Our main focus is to meet your desired rate of return while ensuring stable income and appreciation. We work with families, institutions, non-profits, and family offices.

Arrow Real Estate provides annual reports for the properties we manage. These reports include calculations of various investment-focused metrics (e.g., Cash-on-Cash, IRR, and Cap Rates) to assist you in meeting your objectives. We include a capital budget to compare actual to previously projected returns, which is done to monitor the budget of the property, ensuring the success of your investment. This is how we provide proactive management services—by budgeting for future expenses accordingly, thereby giving you monthly reassurance that we will hit your target on time. Additionally, if you are interested in acquiring a property or a multiple-property portfolio, we will build the investment proposal for you.

We can dramatically increase your returns. Our goal is to recommend alternatives if you desire to make even more on your real estate investments. Arrow Real Estate has the ability to provide 1031 exchanges for you. 1031 exchanges are tax advantage opportunities for real estate owners to defer capital gains taxes while transitioning to better properties. Throughout this process, we put your interests first and take your returns seriously. We are not here to sell you; we are here to help you. We are incentivized to get you the best possible return because we will be managing your new and better property.

We also offer syndication services, in which we partner with you and invest together. We act as a general partner for our limited partners. Some of our investments include redeveloped properties by our team, portfolios of existing stabilized property, and value-added real estate of residential and commercial projects.


Arrow Real Estate strives to enhance and shape local communities continually. As acting managers for our owners, we identify profitable investment opportunities in the form of properties or portfolios that meet specific community needs. We work alongside architects, contractors, planners, and investors to create turnkey solutions. Arrow Real Estate acquires, rezones, redevelops, manages, and leases our projects. We also provide consultation regarding the highest and best use of your current holdings.

Arrow Real Estate believes that community and profitability can exist in synergistic harmony. One method of acting on this value is through working in opportunity zones, which are an economic development tool that helps distressed communities and investors by providing preferential tax treatment on new investments. Arrow Real Estate specializes in redevelopment in these communities by identifying properties or portfolios that warrant investment; we pinpoint opportunities that yield double-digit returns. Arrow Real Estate is committed to helping you meet your investing goals while supporting vibrant, walkable communities.

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