Discover Our Professional Real Estate Services

1. Identify Goals

During the onboarding process, Arrow Real Estate conducts a discovery meeting to learn about your assets and goals. We strive to understand how particular properties fit with your long-term desires. This allows us to customize our relationship to your needs.

4. Evaluate the Plan

Arrow Real Estate provides monthly income reports and timely status updates for managed properties, including semi-annual reports of market changes. If property improvements are advisable, we will work with you to figure out when and how they should be accomplished. Also, if necessary, we offer recommendations for higher-yielding or better income-producing properties. If no changes are necessary, we continue the ongoing management until the client's goals change as the market climate changes.

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2. Create a Plan

After the discovery meeting, Arrow Real Estate formulated an action plan. This includes capital budgeting, previous and future performance projections, and 1031 exchange options if desired. The goal of this plan is to incorporate our real estate strategy into your big-picture investment plans.

3. Action and Implementation

After the plan is formulated, Arrow Real Estate executes assets and property management, deploying capital or exchanging the existing property for a better offering. We provide proactive, ongoing services to discover and address potential problems before they occur. One means of doing this is through our annual inspections, which have been shown to mitigate costly risks.