We want to provide a warm welcome to Doors REM and their landlords and tenants!



About Arrow Real Estate

Arrow Real Estate is a privately held, San Diego-based residential and commercial real estate company that provides management, redevelopment, and investment services for our clients. We believe that community and profitability can coexist together.  We provide a new and alternative approach to modernize the way that real estate investing is perceived. Landlords, tenants, and the communities can all reap the benefits with our approach.    

Whether you are starting out or have an existing portfolio, Arrow Real Estate can help you maximize your real estate potential.  Our full service professional property management is designed to maximize our clients' return on investment and minimize their time and stress. The broad objective of asset management is to maximize property value and investment returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources of rental revenue, and mitigating liability and risk.  This all coincides with changes in the market place. 

Sometimes finding the highest and best use of a property can lead to redevelopment.  We can act as Project Manager for our clients, taking care of market and prospective tenant analysis, zoning requirements, and coordinating architectural design, construction, and completion of the project.  The integration of our full service property management and investment teams provides landlords with our ongoing consultative approach on all angles of their investment.